What’s happened … In May we put up our fencing. We put up 7 foot deer fencing, in addition to a shorter wire fence to deter smaller critters from digging under the fence. Our honey bee hive is about 100 feet to the left of the garden by a grove of trees. James Wood horticultural students started seeds inside for us in the month of May and they will be transplanting the buds in early June. Anyone else that has started seeds for us can bring them out in June to transplant or join us for some direct seed planting this month. Watch the bulletin for times we may be at work in the garden. Beginning in June, we will have a watering schedule to get our buds a blooming. In addition to our vegetables, we are saving a corner of the garden for planting flowers for cutting, from donated seeds and plants. Here are some of the things we will need help with this month: Volunteers to help water the garden. Donations of supplies or materials: tomato cages, garden hoses, vases (for cut flowers), aluminum cans, and a sign at the property advertising the garden. Donations of any seeds or plants If anyone knows of individuals or groups that would benefit from our fresh produce donations, please let Stacey Stickley know at 540-974-1299. What’s coming up … Anyone curious to have a tour of the garden, join us for a field trip to the property on June 10th at 1:00pm following the Budget Motel meal delivery. Come see what we will be doing in our community with this garden.